For the most part the solos are just there except for the longer ones which are more than enough to leap out at the listener. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Like all Suffocation albums ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ keeps growing with each listen and for the moment this is their best effort since the under-rated masterpiece ‘Souls To Deny’. It was also written by every member in Suffocation, according to the lyric book. I can see why this band has gained such utter influence on the metal scene. Additionally, the breakdowns that Suffo is known for aren’t nearly used, although they’re still used to great extent.

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The clean bits gave way to some letup in the brutality factor, but overall, this is just a triumph! He has a new job that requires him to miss time with the band.

This highly rhythmic album built on the legacy of their previous releases.

Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam Review

Pinnacle suffocation pinnacle of bedlam Bedlam Although they never suffoctaion as far as widdly-widdly, would-be Paganini shreds and sweeps, there’s an suffocationn rhapsodic sense of the way these songs come across upon first listen.

What a damn quality production to this one, everything all encompassing with the deep vocals, insane riffing, and relentless snare drum pounding away to this awesome technical death metal band. So how does that change for the rest of the band? His hands are no slouches either, utilizing auffocation common death metal fills than Smith but also providing us with more high speed traditional blasting than you can shake a Marduk album at.

The highlights of this album are solid enough songs and definitely fit in well among the band’s past works however.


Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam Review | Angry Metal Guy

Bassist Derek Boyer has no solo moments and suffocation pinnacle of bedlam nothing other than providing the bassy foundation on which the other instrumental parts rest upon. There aren’t the sort of immortal riffs and chunky hooks that made their earlier work such an easier sell. OrbitballJuly 5th, The one thing this song is missing is a bedpam to really capitalize ov its clever suffocation pinnacle of bedlam set. One cannot help but wonder though how this really strong material would have sounded with a “classic” Suffocation-production.

But being the brave martyr that Happy Metal Guy is, he is going to put it out there that both claims are essentially PR writing.

Suffocation are arguably more ‘tech’ on Pinnacle of Bedlam than they’ve ever been. Simply crisp and utterly flowing! Bedlan parts of some songs, he has little bass grooves, but sufocation extensive solos.

The extraordinary sense of timing is intact, utilizing sonic interstices to brutal effect. Bar chords mixed with artificial harmonics and riffs that are utterly monstrous. The work from both Guy Marchais and Terrance Hobbs is excellent, and some of the best written material they have done in many years.

Last year, we were all saddened to learn that legendary vocalist Frank Mullen would not be able to tour full time with the band in the future. Suffocation’s outing is not a complete failure but is definitely their first true misstep. Suffocation pinnacle of bedlam the album finally arrived I listened to it in hopes of finding something worth listening to more than once. Like all Suffocation albums ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ keeps growing with each listen and for the moment this is their best effort since the under-rated masterpiece ‘Souls To Deny’.


Suffocation have always prided themselves on playing a technical brand of death metal but on Pinnacle they have over stretched themselves.

Pinnacle of Bedlamhowever, is another beast altogether; a threshold of instant gratification has been crossed. Continuing on the atmospheric journey of ‘Blood Oath’, adding the intricate melodies of ‘Souls To Deny’ and the technical extravaganza of ‘Pierced From Within’, it really is good old Suffocation back behind the wheels.

Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Being the most modern sounding Suffocation album musically, the production also is brought into the modern era on this record; oh how I wish it stayed back 15 years ago like the last three records had. Returning drummer Dave Culross replacing Mike Smith has changed the band a lot to the point where Suffocation has pretty much changed. I might even say Pinnacle of Bedlam feels like a singular, forty minute suffocation pinnacle of bedlam of synchronized aggression; the breaks between songs are often negligible, and with the obvious exception of “Sullen Days” their momentum is impressively consistent and aggressive.

For the purchase of this item you’ll receive 62 Blasts! More bits of hammered-on oddity and freakish friction have crept into the riffage; Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais have dug deep into the well of creativity.

The drumming is the best part of this album. Whereas Smith was more of a hands player than a feet player, Culross is a bit more the opposite of that, including many foot tricks that Smith never in a million years would have included.