Their first commercial program, PlotCall , transformed plotter instructions into dot-matrix instructions compatible with over 20 commercial printers. Take control of your spatial data. MapViewer’s intuitive user interface allows you to go from raw data to informative map in minutes. Post your News and PR for added benefits. MapViewer Customization Options Add titles, legends, scale bars, graticules, map collars, and insets Apply linear color scales Edit all axis parameters Define custom line styles and colors Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols, and spline polylines Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties Include multiple maps in a display Adjust tilt and rotation.

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Golden software mapviewer to add your News and PR articles? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Make the most out of your data. Enter your email address Submit. Complete Compatibility Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources.

The new bivariate option for the symbol golden software mapviewer can create visually dynamic maps that display variables in an easy-to-understand way. Views Read Edit View history. Golden Software released its newest product, Raster Tools in April As a geographer and longtime Mapviewer since version 2 I like Mapviewers rich featureset, but the best feature is, that Mapviewer is extremely easy to use.


Ideal for individuals in the geoscience realm. MapViewer allows me to create maps in minutes! You allow it by clicking softaare the “Allow” button.

Some additional, highly-requested features are: About MapViewer MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. The classic menu design has been abandoned in favor of the more user-friendly golden software mapviewer bar, which will bring to light the new features as well as some lesser-known features that already existed in previous versions.

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Shapefile to name just the most common industry-standard. Subscribe to the SciExperts newsletter to receive timely updates from your favorite software tools. I like how accurate the product is when guessing and searching for their email address.

Mapviewer my favorite mapping tool.

Golden Software

MapViewer is a wonderful product that allows me to subset or join datasets providing a great deal of flexibility when exploring data. You can easily add arrows, rectangles ,apviewer so: With the software from the competition, I spend many hours.

Users can create and customize maps with a new ribbon bar interface and redesigned managers. You can also digitize and edit new features with Mapviewer e.

Be the First to Know. Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Golden Software has released MapViewer 8which is says has numerous enhancements over its predecessor program. Additionally, the Object Manager has adopted a style more similar to that of Surfer, countless dialogs have been moved to an ever-present Property Manager, and golden software mapviewer few of the smaller managers have been combined or removed for a more streamline workflow.


Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. The new GUI makes producing maps even more streamlined. MapViewer Boundary Editing Tools Reshape, clip, smooth polylines, and polygons Create buffers around points, polylines, and polygons Convert between polygons and polylines Create new polygons by combining existing polygons that overlap or share a border Create points or polygons at areas of intersection for overlapping areas Connect or break polylines at specified locations Combine and split islands MapViewer Analysis Tools Query map data and attributes Generate various map and object data reports Evaluate spatial relationships and distances Perform geocoding.

Analyze Data Put data to work for you. Sales Navigator is extremely accurate. MapViewer golden software mapviewer Golden Software.

MapViewer’s intuitive user interface allows you to go from raw data to informative map in minutes.