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The release date is subject to change. During this training, she fell into the “Spring of Drowned Cat,” making her cursed to turn into a cat, the one thing Ranma fears most, and she blames him for this status. Tofu was unaware of the crush Akane had on him at the series’ beginning; he was the reason she grew her hair long. She loves Ranma deep down, despite frequently refusing to show it. In spite of Ranma’s apparent derision, Akane is actually often revered due to her beauty and strength. Fist of One Thousand Mountains.

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He also constantly dresses up like a girl and has a girlish but obnoxious personality to match, which causes confusion to anyone he meets. Shipping Info Where Can it Ship? She creates various extravagant displays with the theme of “love” in the name, such as Love Confession Pom-Pom Fireworks, Love Boomerang, and Innocent Girl Love Letter Blast, but also has surprisingly efficient oddball special attacks and fighting-skills.

His ki attack is named the “Shi Shi Hokodan”, or “Lion’s Roar Shot”, which in the anime is inconsistently displayed as either a green or red globe, alternately a beam, of energy. She is described as “innocent and aggressive”, being very affectionate and cheerful, while simultaneously being devious and forceful.

Ranma informs Cologne of the situation and she offers the mouthed sword Zhandudao and the shield Poduduan to fend the twins’ attacks.

Ranma 1/2 Genma Saotome (Panda) – Roblox

Cologne is equally using Ryoga, hoping to remove Akane from the picture, which would in turn free Ranma to wed Shampoo. She is a completely amoral businesswoman who loves money above all else and is willing to sacrifice anyone to gain more.


Soun is very emotional, often brought to tears just by thinking of a sad thought though this tendency to cry is an anime-only trait. Ten years prior to the manga’s beginning, she met Ranma during a training voyage to the country with Genma.

Figuarts Zero Ranma 1/2 Genma Saotome

Despite his loyalty, Sasuke sometimes receives harsh treatment by Tatewaki. They imprison Ranma and Shampoo genja a poisonous vine cage. His arsenal includes chains, blades, darts, iron balls, hidden knives, bombs, tear gas, and even yo-yos and various silly household appliances, manifesting quantities far beyond what he is realistically able to carry in his long sleeves and robe.

Genma is also able to invoke a battle aura of epic proportions similar to Happosai’s, but he can only use it for very brief periods possibly just half gnema minute before collapsing from overexertion, making it rather useless.

Although saotomr is now very forgetful, Shinnosuke invites Akane to stay with him and his grandfather. Her favorite, Katsunishiki, is one of the best in the country and her grandfather states that only someone who can defeat it in battle is worthy to marry Akari.

She gets around by pogoing on a gnarled wooden staff that she sometimes uses as a weapon. They are stronger saohome apparently much more dangerous hand-to-hand fighters than herself, are similarly capable of flight as long as they avoid cold water, and can use weaker versions of her feather attack, but are easily confused and dependent on her guidance. She is sometimes compared to Lum Invader from Takahashi’s earlier Urusei Yatsura due to the similarities in their character designs and openly clingy personalities.

She calls Ranma “bride-groom” and “son-in-law” due to her attempts to have him marry Genmx, just to watch him become enraged. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the hundreds of pools throughout the area, knowing their names, when they became cursed, and the “tragic story” behind each of them.


Saotlme is also extremely skilled in the unarmed Joketsuzoku style used by other Amazons. Even when he is shown to be not behaving maliciously, his actions and intervention always result in grave consequences.

Items shipping from our US warehouse will not be affected. Saffron is a humanoid phoenixruling over a tribe of bird-human hybrids transformed from the waters of the cursed springs. She dressed and lived as one, even attending an all-boys school at one point.

Genma “Pops, Old Man” Saotome

Shampoo intensely hates her due to the humiliation of enslavement, and is shown subduing Kiima in henma while Ranma fights Saffron. Mikado earns a corresponding challenge from Ranma by trying saotmoe steal a kiss from Akane’s lips, and later earns his full fury, by kissing Saotomw female form. Unlike Ryoga, Mousse and Shampoo, Genma automatically regains his clothing when shifting back to normal, despite being too large to keep them in cursed form.

She can also efficiently use certain supernatural acupressure techniques for instant unconsciousness, temporary mind-control, or even selective memory-removal. He is very open with his panda form, and regularly uses it to avoid questions as pandas cannot speak.

She is the only martial artist in the series whose skill rivals that of Happosai, enabling her to, for example, casually defeat either Ranma or Taro’s chimaera form. During this time, she devoted herself sqotome okonomiyaki-style martial arts to prepare to exact revenge on the Saotomes. Discussion Guidelines This discussion section is a place for TOM members to talk and discuss the product. Each special order product is manufactured solely for you.