That was the biggest six i have ever seen. Way are we guessing? The second is similar to baseball, as the ball should break the boundary of play by crossing it with out touching the ground. Originally Posted by Safar I don’t know much about baseball to make a claim on this aspect. If the ball bounces before it hits the boundary, it’s a “four”. Havn’t seen the video for this one yet but the biggest i’ve seen in recent times was the m six Martin Guptill hit off Tsotsobe last year.

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This is called a four and four runs are awarded to the batting team. Glen Maxwell tweets Oh Oh yessss loving it.

Boom Boom Afridi 158 meter Biggest Six Ever in Cricket History on Free hit

The time now is Rumours are it was measuring Afridi made 88 runs and played an amazing innings. There are no foul balls! Sometimes moving through the air like a curveball, sometimes deviating sharply after it bounces off the ground, sometimes aimed directly at your head?


My guess would be anything from M. His exhilaration infects them.

Boom Boom Afridi meter Biggest Six Ever in Cricket History on Free hit – video dailymotion

This is probably one of the top 10 biggest sixes. If it goes past the boundary without hitting the ground first, you get six points. They afdidi this one was meters http: That was a monster hit! Let me know what you guys think of this?

A comparison with baseball should be avoided.

Submit a new link. Is that the number of points he got or what? Originally Posted by JustListen. There’s a boundary around a cricket field. Rest In Peace ball. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I don’t know much about baseball to make a claim on this aspect.

Some say it still hasn’t landed.

If I ever needed inspiration I just turn to my left and see Hashim reading the Quran! Generally speaking, cricket balls are not hit quite as far as baseballs with the average boundary length being somewhere between meters though the six shown in the video is quite a hit! I lost my breath for a few seconds. Cricket is always more of a game of rhythm than a game of strength though brute strength does have its place in the lineup.


Longest Six 158 Meter Six By Boom Boom Afridi

Possibly Gayle afridii Lee at the Oval. Also the flat side of the bat? That was huge Did anyone see a measurement on that Afridi six? He hit wonderful shots. Maybe Gayle’s sixes would come closer. There is no elevation to the stadium. That was monsterno doubt about that.